Comparative study:

Part of the reason for the publication of this resource was to facilitate and satisfy academic curiosity. Computer screens are hard on the eyes over long hours of work. There’s nothing like the simplicity of a book and a highlighter.



The 1662 BCP versus John Wesley’s version of the BCP.


comparative Scan

Reference Scan of the BCP


In the Reference Scan of the BCP§ compared to the Wesley version the omissions are clear; In this instance it is discovered that Wesley deviated considerably from the BCP concerning Absolution or Remission of sins.



Additional Resources Used for this study.


1784 Minutes

MINUTES of the 1784 Methodist Conference.


Another study tool is The MINUTES of the 1784 Conference in the U.S. This book is a companion to John Wesley’s BCP and was bound with several copies of the original after it was accepted at the 1784 Conference. This book will be included with the eBook of John Wesley’s BCP as an added bonus. Researching John Wesleys version of the BCP, I read in an article by J. Hamby Barton indicating that these Minutes were bound in several of 1st edition copies after it had been accepted by the Conference.*  This was confirmed as these minutes were found published in the book in the collection at the Princeton Theological Seminary Library. 

John Wesley's Tracts on Prayer

John Wesley’s Tracts on Prayer


John Wesley’s Tracts on Prayer fit naturally in with his work on The Book of Common Prayer. The contents of this book are an excerpt from The Works of the Rev. John Wesley, A. M. – Volume Xi. London, 1733, 203-272., and are published here as a companion to John Wesleys The Book of Common Prayer. This includes A Collection of Forms of Prayer, A Collection of Prayers for Families, and Prayers for Children.



§ 1995. James Wood, The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of the Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as They Are to Be Sun, penguin classics deluxe ed. (New York, NY: Penguin Books, 2012), 68-69.

* J. Hamby Barton, The Two Versions of the First Edition of John Wesley’s the Sunday Service of the Methodists in North America, in the the GCAH Virtual Reading Room, accessed April 13, 2016, (page 3 of the pdf, page 155 in Methodist History, April 1985). 

John Wesley, The Sunday Service of the Methodists in North America: With Other Occasional Services, in the, accessed April 13, 2016,