John Wesley’s The Book of Common Prayer Limited Edition

Due to the prohibitive cost of producing a high quality leather book, copies of the book in this format will be available in limited quantities.

Special care has been taken to provide the best content and quality along with a more traditional print format.

The leather edition will be made from the 2nd or 3rd edition. They will be printed and then rebound with a hand-stitched leather cover with additional place-marking ribbons and brass clasps.

After the first run of books we hope to release a (highly anticipated) limited leather bound edition for us, Wesley aficionados, who desire an actual prayer-book for their library. We are hoping this will be ready by this Fall 2017. The reason this edition will come later is that it requires an upfront investment in order to be produced. Those sales will be run from this website so that we can quality inspect each volume.

Check back with this website and the Facebook Page for updates as they become available.

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John Wesley’s Tracts on Prayer Preface