John Wesley’s The Book of Common Prayer Limited Edition

Numerous revisions and proofs have now been run to get us to the point where we can now offer the (highly anticipated) limited leather bound edition. This is strictly for us, Wesley aficionados, who desire an actual premium prayer-book for their library. Due to the prohibitive cost of producing a high quality leather book, copies of the book in this format will be available in limited quantities.

Special care has been taken to provide the best content and quality along with a more traditional print format.

This book includes John Wesley’s The Book of Common Prayer and John Wesley’s Tracts on Prayer for a total of about 546 pages in a 6″x9″ format. The paper weight is #50 which is the same as in the student edition.


The first run of the leather edition will proceed as follows. Those who have expressed interest will be contacted to make a deposit of $40 to cover the printing cost. After the majority of orders are made the books will be ordered from the printer and sent directly to the binder. When the books arrive at the binder those people will be able choose standard options which amount to about an additional $140 or they will be able to choose their own personal preferences for their leather edition. The total for the standard book will be around $180 (including the deposit). Personal preferences such as leather type, leather liner, note pages, zipper, etc would of course increase the cost. It will take about 10 days for the book to be printed and make their way to the binder. The binder will take an additional 4 weeks depending on what options are desired. The books will be bound at AA Leather. The binder’s workload for the holiday may affect the overall time. When I ordered my book this summer it only took a couple weeks.

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This will possibly occur in the late spring of 2018. At that point the binder would be set up to print the books and bind them. That should bring the cost down a little and will shorten the turn around significantly.

AA Leather


Standard/Recommended Binding Options
Burgundy Cowhide
Raised Ribs
5 Wine Colored Ribbons
1.5″ Gold Foil Cross upper center of the front Cover

(Gold Foil)
John Wesley’s
The Book of
Common Prayer
(under top rib of the spine)

AALeather Logo
(under bottom rib of the spine)

Student & Leather Editions


Drop Caps

Drop Caps


John Wesley’s Tracts on Prayer Preface